The 6 challenges without a smartphone for the 18th World Days without a mobile phone: February 6,7,8, 2018


The 18th edition of the World Days Without Mobile Phone & Smartphone offers a game for schools, colleges in Britain and around the world.

The objective of the game: Is not to be bored in the playground without his smartphone.

(Version : Espagnole - Anglais - Russe - Allemand)




The writer Phil Marso launches 6 challenges to be realized on Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7, Thursday, February 8, 2018, taking into account the following parameters:

Are you ready for the 6 challenges?

The day before the challenge, you have to do several searches on the internet:

1- Find the meaning of your first name

2- Write a couplet of your favorite song with the name of the interpreter

3- Find a quote from your favorite people

4- Find an expression, a sporting technical term. Ex: corner (football)

5- Choose a film, a series that you have to mime.


1st challenge: do not use your smartphone in the playground

2nd challenge: give the origin of your first name

3rd challenge: read or sing the verse of your favorite song. Your comrades will have to find the title of the song and its singer.

4th challenge: read the quote of a known personality. Your comrades will have to find his name. You can give two clues to help them.

5th challenge: gives an expression or a technical term to a sport. Your classmates must guess which sport it is. You can give two clues to help them.

6th challenge: Mime a movie, your favorite series. Your comrades must find the title. You can give them two clues by pronouncing them aloud. This challenge can be done in a duet


Congratulations ! You have the 6 challenges!

Did you achieve 2 out of 6 challenges? You are an adikphoniak!

Did you achieve 4 out of 6 challenges? Bravo! You will survive the next recreated without a smartphone.

You realized 6 challenges? Bravo! You can go on vacation on a desert island.

Tell us your 6 challenges on the facebook account:
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6 Défis – Phil Marso

13 Bd Saint-Marcel

75013 Paris


Thank you for taking part in our game: 6 challenges without smartphone

Phil Marso - January 15, 2018 (Google Translation)


« BRAQUAGE DE NEURONES ! TU MEURS ? » de Phil Marso - Ed Megacom-ik

Le 1er livre sur la prévention des dangers du téléphone portable pour les ados

Sortie le 6 février 2009 - Disponible en librairie

Sortie le 6 février 2009 - Disponible en librairie - Communiqué de presse

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