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The world days without mobile phone were launched on February 6, 2001 on the initiative of the French writer Phil Marso. Author of a humorous detective novel: Mobile killer without apparent mobile. (Ed Megacom-ik)

He wanted to extend the subject of the book by a world day without a mobile phone. He is not against this communication tool.

He proposes a debate of reflection on this object which has disturbed our lives. Phil Marso has never offered to cut his smartphone during these three days 6, 7, 8 February 2019.

This annual meeting is a pretext for a debate about this communication tool. Nevertheless you can do an addiction test: cut 1h, 3h, 12h or more to you to see.

For any interview request please contact us by e.mail: philmarso@gmail.com

Here is the theme for 2019:

"Smartphone: Did Idiocracy sound? "

The 19th campaign of the World Days without Cell Phone & Smartphone of February 6, 7, 8, 2019 has the theme "The loss of autonomy, the lack of concentration, or even the lowering of Q.I".

The French writer Phil Marso, instigator and organizer of this meeting since 2001 asks the question: do we lose autonomy by using the Smartphone in our daily life?

The word "Idiocracy" used in the slogan refers to the film of the American director Mike Judge released in France on April 25, 2007. This film of anticipation showed that five hundred years later the intellectual level of the human species had drastically decreased.

Today, everything is focused on this great communication tool that is the Smartphone, but at the risk of losing autonomy at the least impact in our daily lives. This phenomenon was observed especially during a network cutoff of the Orange operator in 2012.

Does the Smartphone make us more silly to want to bet on him every moment of our daily life?

A list of questions will be unveiled on February 5, 2019 to illustrate the subject of "Idiocracy"

A poster to illustrate this 19th edition can be downloaded from the official website: Mobilou.info.

Phil Marso provides 42 questions to have this brainstorming with students of schools (College, High School)

The official website: Mobilou.info

Phil Marso invites the media to seize his citizen meeting to report, as well as schools to have this debate of reflection February 6, 7, 8, 2019.

Dear media do not forget to mention Phil Marso, the initiator and organizer of this event, as well as the official website: Mobilou.info. In 2018, many media in France did not indicate the source, despite an
AFP dispatch.


The media always ask the same questions each year during the World Days without mobile phone & smartphone: What happens February 6,7,8? Where can it be found ?

The writer Phil Marso, the instigator of the World Days Without Mobile Phone & Smartphone since 2001, gives some elements of answers.

This three-day meeting aims to provoke a debate about this communication tool: the smartphone. Phil Marso launches his call with a different theme every year. There is no particular agitation, anti-smartphone demonstration! The author has never been against the cellphone.

February 6, 7, 8, 2018, the media can carry out reports, the theme: Is idiocracy now?

Phil Marso offers a game "6 challenges without a smartphone to schoolchildren, schoolboys" to do in the playground. It invites school directors, teachers in France and elsewhere to offer this game in the form of volunteering to students.
Of course Phil Marso has never asked to turn off his smartphone for 24h, 48h, 72h. It would be irresponsible given the unemployment rate and people looking for work.

The key is to control your smartphone without falling into a frenzied addiction.

You can send a postcard to Phil Marso to give your impressions on this 19th World Days without Mobile Phone & Smartphone: 6.7,8 February 2019.

Here is his address:

Boutique Megacom-ik
Phil Marso
13 Bd Saint-Marcel
75013 Paris
la France

Phil Marso will publish the postcards he has received.

For any interview request please contact us by e.mail: philmarso@gmail.com


The 6 challenges without a smartphone




Phil Marso - Monday, January 15, 2018 (Translating Google)


« Tueur de portable sans mobile apparent » Phil Marso – Ed Megacom-ik / 1999

« Braquage de neurones ! Tu meurs ? » Phil Marso – Ed Megacom-ik / 2009

« Adikphonia » Phil Marso – Ed Megacom-ik / 2017


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